Seafood Specialties

61. Fish Laid on Greens 12.15
Crispy chunks of fish fillets over green vegetables
Showered in special Szechuan sauce.

62. Sautéed Fillet of Fish “Hunan Style” 12.15
Crispy chunks of fish fillets with vegetables in a zesty
Hunan Sauce

63. “Moon Cake” Scallops in Spicy Sauce 14.75
Large crispy scallops sautéed in our gourmet’s Szechuan

64. Sautéed Scallops in Black Bean Sauce 14.75
Large crispy scallops expertly sauteed in black bean sauce.

65. Szechuan Seafood Delight 14.75
Crispy Shrimp, Scallops, and chunks of fish fillets
Diced cut fresh vegetables, quick sautéed and mixed
With a tangy homemade Szechuan sauce.

66. Crystal Shrimp 13.50
Large shrimps, expertly sautéed with assorted Chinese
Vegetables in a light sauce.

71. Shrimp in Chili Sauce 14.50

72. Shrimp Gourmet in Cajun Sauce 13.50
Special marinated shrimp blended to perfection in our 
Gourmet’s Cajun Sauce.
74. Twin Paradise Shrimp 13.50
Large shrimps sautéed with a joy lot of mushrooms
In a brown sauce.
24(C). Kung Pao Shrimp 13.50
Sauteed with diced peppers, water chestnuts, scorched red
chili peppers, onions, and roasted peanuts in a special spicy sauce.
27(C). Shrimp with Broccoli 13.50
In a light sauce
28(C). Sasha Shrimp 13.50
House Brown Sauce expertly balanced with chili, curry
and oyster sauce with mixed vegetables.
29(C). Hunan Shrimp 13.50
Tender Shrimps sauteed with baby corn, straw mushroooms
water chestnuts, peppers, and broccoli in a savory spicy sauce.
30(C). Szechuan Shrimp 13.50
with sliced vegetables sauteed with our own special savory 
spicy szechuan sauce.
31(C). Sweet & Sour Shrimp 13.50
Crispy pieces of Jumbo Shrimp expertly fried with a special
tangy house made sauce on the side.
35(C). Thai Shrimp Curry 13.50
~ Cantonese ~ Mandarin ~ Hunan ~ Szechuan ~
~ Gourmet Gourmet Chef’s Specialties ~
(Served with Steamed White Rice)