40. Beef Chow Fun 10.95
Fresh Rice flour noodles sautéed in special home
Style seasoning and vegetables.

41. Orange Beef 12.75
Deliciously Crispy, Tangy, and spicy dish sauteed and
caramelized to perfection in the wok.

42. Happy Family 13.95
Tender sliced chicken, beef, and shrimp combined
With mixed vegetables in a delicious brown sauce.

43. Green Pepper Steak 10.75
Stir-fry beef with green peppers and onions

44. Mongolian Beef 10.75
Slices of tender beef sautéed with scallions and

45. Mu Shu Pork 10.75
Tender shreds of pork and shredded vegetables
Served with 4 thin crepes and hoisin sauce.

46. Beef with Season Chinese Vegetables 10.75
Quick sauteed greens topped with tender beef in a house special
brown sauce.
47(A) Sauteed Shredded Pork w/String Beans 11.00
In a light sauce
48(A) Char-Siu Bok Choi 11.00
Sliced Roast Pork sauteed with tender Bok Choi 
49(A) Char-Siu with Fresh Champignons Mushrooms and Spinach 11.00
Sliced Roast Pork sauteed with fresh champignons, Mushrooms
and Spinach
27(B). Beef with Broccoli 10.75
In a Brown Sauce.
28(B). Sasha Beef 10.75
House brown sauce expertly balanced with chili, curry
and oyster sauce with mixed vegetables.
29(B). Hunan Beef 10.75
Tender pieces of beef served with baby corns, straw mushrooms
water chestnuts, peppers, and broccoli in a savory spicy sauce.
30(B). Szechuan Beef 10.75
Tender Beef sauteed with sliced vegetables in our own special 
house made spicy szechuan sauce.
31(B). Sweet & Sour Pork 10.75
Medallions of lightly battered pieces of pork deep fried with a tangy
house made sauce on the side.
52. Szechuan Pork 10.75
Tender Pork sauteed with sliced vegetables in our own special 
house made spicy szechuan sauce.
53. Double Yellow Gourmet Chow Mein 13.95
Real Cantonese style noodles with mixed Chinese
Vegetables. Combined with beef, chicken and shrimp
Over pan-fried noodles.
~ Cantonese ~ Mandarin ~ Hunan ~ Szechuan ~
~ Gourmet Gourmet Chefs Specialties ~
(Served with Steamed White Rice)