21. General Tso’s Chicken 11.75
This delicacy finds its origins in the Ching Dynasty
In Honor of General Tso’s Boneless chicken chunks.
Expertly fried until crispy and sautéed w/ scorched red
Pepper in a tasty plum sauce.

22. Teriyaki Chicken 11.75
Served with Chef’s own special-made teriyaki sauce and mixed vegetables

23. Chicken Over Jade Blossom 14.50
A must try masterpiece! Tender sliced chicken in
Szechuan pepper sauce over crispy spinach (on
The side). Chef Jose Sang’s own famous creation. 

23(B). Chicken with Walnuts 11.75
Sliced Chicken, sautéed in our own tasty sauce and topped
With glazed walnuts

24(A). Kung Pao Chicken 11.75 
Chicken Breasts sautéed with diced peppers,
Waterchestnuts, onions, and roasted peanuts in a special
Spicy sauce.

25. Chicken with Cashews 11.75
Diced mixed vegetables and chicken in a special
Brown sauce.

26. Moo Goo Gai Pan 11.75
Sliced tender chicken breast, sliced champignions
Sautéed with deluxe vegetables in a light sauce.

27(A). Chicken with Broccoli 11.75
In a light sauce.

28(A). Sasha Chicken 11.75
House brown sauce expertly balanced with chili, curry 
and oyster sauce with mixed vegetables

29(A). Hunan Chicken 11.75
Sliced tender chicken sautéed with baby corn, straw
Mushrooms, water chestnuts & broccoli in a savory
Spicy sauce.

30(A). Szechuan Chicken 11.75
Sliced chicken with shredded Chinese vegetables
Sautéed with our own special savory spicy sauce.

31(A). Sweet & Sour Chicken 11.75
Crispy lightly battered chunks of chicken with a special 
Homemade sauce on the side.

34. Honey Garlic Chicken 11.75
Fried chunks of chicken in a crispy batter with
Homemade honey garlic sauce on the side

35 (A). Thai Curry Chicken 11.75
Expertly seasoned take on the classic dish. Served with fresh 
mixed vegetables
36. Orange Chicken 13.55
Originating in the Hunan province the chicken is lightly battered
fried and coated in a tangy citrus infused chili sauce that caramelizes 
to a nice glaze in the wok
37. Sesame Chicken 13.55
Similar to General Tso’s Chicken but is sweeter rather than spicy
and generously dusted with sesame seeds.
38. Ching’s Master Piece Chicken 14.50
Crispy Sliced Chicken sauteed with vegetables in a spicy sauce
Chef Jose Sang’s newest creation!
39. Bourbon Chicken 14.50
~ Cantonese ~ Mandarin ~ Hunan ~ Szechuan ~
~ Gourmet Gourmet Chefs Specialties ~
(Served with Steamed White Rice)